The power of ThePermaWeb lies in adding value to web real estate.

From the tools we utilize to our choice of data centers for our cutting edge servers which leverage Open Source software we build every detail of a robust, scalable web presence into our web hosting services.

With reliability and owner/user friendly-ness as our top priority, ThePermaWeb has packaged value added hosting for every level of business.

ThePermaWeb path to website development and extensibility.

  • Shared Database Hosting - For the startup business website, we offer free setup for a number of semi-customizable templates, Choose from an array of free web designs and  template layouts, and seamlessly upgrade to a custom template, or a dedicated database at any time. Checkout our administrator demo.
  • Our custom website design services result in a custom web design template. This custom design can be deployed on new or existing shared or dedicated database accounts.
  • Dedicated database and vhost - Running custom applications sometimes requires us to take it to the next level. This kind of account comes with a cpanel login for management of email, databases etc. this level is commonly referred to as virtual hosting.
  • Our customized server environment will suit the needs of most websites. If your website grows to need it's own server, we can migrate your site to your own customized server with another seamless upgrade. 

Spend more time developing great content and managing increased volume because design and content creation/modification are always a snap.

Value added Typo3 shared Database hosting with user editable pages image management, movie content and mail forms. You provide your own top level domain name and we provide a mail forwarder. 10$/mo. or $100/yr.

Typo3 enhanced services for dedicated DB hosting

  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Custom extensions to Typo3 functionality.
  • email subscription management with multiple categories and CSV or excel export.
  • Categorized managed or un-managed forums
  • Blog and feedback functionality.
  • User Surveys

Our dedicated server environment along with included upgrades to all installed software means your website will never become obsolete. On top of that, our list of approved and documented available extensions on our custom cms continues to grow, so you can focus on the presentation of your business through the content of your website and leave the routine maintenance to us.

Host your site directly with GreenGeeks and get 24/7 tech support.